Тhe Family - Mom Lilly  and her babies Kujo Jr. , Ayra and Calisto

They came to me in February, very small babies, about a month old, the mother is a hunting dog, abandoned in the village of Ignatitsa, there is no one to castrate or adopt her, and she gives birth on the street. This is the sad story of many abandoned domestic dogs, who do not know how to survive on the street, especially in the villages, where hunters kill them, this is how they solve the problem of stray dogs, they call it natural selection.... Lily is incredibly good, extremely gentle character, very caressing and calm. I spayed her the moment she stopped breastfeeding, the 4-D test was negative, she has a passport, chip and vaccine, 16 kg, very cute. Cujo Junior, Kalisto and Ira already have 3 vaccinations each, cute babies, just like mom, Kujo and Kalisto look like Beagles, live they are extremely adorable with their long ears and big cheeks, they will be like mom, about 15-16 kg , when they grow up, they are already 3 months old and can go to their family 🙏❤️ I hope to find them a home, even though at the moment there are many abandoned babies all over Bulgaria, including many purebreds... Here are they... and they are bigger on the new photos!

And the little ones now...

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