There is no excuse for animal abuse.

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The foundation was founded by Plamenka Kalinkina and carries out activities for public benefit.
The Foundation operates under the name "Paws of Justice" Foundation.
The goals of the Foundation are:
1. Establish a rescue group to response to violence against animals and establish a volunteer network, which will monitor the observance of the Animal Protection Law and the crimes against animals and to submit signals to the responsible institutions for Northwestern Bulgaria.
2. To work for strengthening human morality by promoting a tolerant and responsible attitude towards nature and animals
3. To look for methods for optimal harmonious coexistence between humans and animals in accordance with the Bulgarian and European legislation
4. To organize and provide protection for all animals, regardless of whether they are wild, domestic or agricultural in accordance with the legislation.
5. To assist in improving the legislation concerning animal welfare
6. To promote the development of human moral and ethical values in relation to nature and especially to animals through the implementation of educational and informational programs
7. To initiate and conduct public debates to review the moral and legal status of animals in modern human society in view of the sensitivity and awareness of animals.
8. To develop environmental education and environmental ethics
9. To provide veterinary medical care to those in need.
10. Castration of stray and domestic animals in order to reduce the population by collecting donations for this purpose
11. Charity events in order to raise funds and food for mutual assistance.
12. To promote animal rights and their respect by society and the law.
The foundation relies on donations to achieve its goals, rescue endangered animals, food and treatment.

Metzanka - goodness against cruelty

How can one be so good after suffering so much? Maybe only dogs can teach us...

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Azar - an old friend

Our shelter receives rescue dogs every week, but sometimes we want to share the story of some of older guests. This is the story of Azar, the old Karakachan sheepdog.

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The Hunter Babies from Ovcha Kupel

Abandoned in Sofia, but saved, they're now growing healthy, happy and a little mischievous. Looking for homes!

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We're still here!

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Goldie has been in desperate need of help for a long time. I'm glad we found him before it was too late and I hope we can do enough, but we'll need every assistance we can get because his treatment will be long and complicated.

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Yana and her Babies

A signal from social media about a starving pregnant dog started a fortnight-long search that was finally successful. Mommy Yana and her pups are with us, instead of hungry and at the mercy of the elements and wild animals.

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Frida Kahlo

A new chance for an abused mother.

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Jerry, Sweet Little Boy

Gentle little pup that suffered a lot, but after two surgeries and with tender care he's getting better. Looking for a home!

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Buddy - Past and Future

This brave, sweet boy has been through too much suffering. We managed to pull him back from the cusp, and although his last adopter gave him back as too friendly to be a guard dog, we still hope to find him a tender home.

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Chocho - Looking for a Home

A fluff full of love, rescued from a miserable existence on a chain.

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Naomi, Red, Sonic - Looking for a Home

Three sweet pups saved from the streets of Vratsa.

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Gregory, the beautiful sheep dog

Gregory - a gentle, beautiful teddy bear of a dog, looking for a loving home.

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