We're still here!

Dear friends,

It has been six months since our last update to the website. Our technical person was sick for a long time, and there was no one who could help out, but our work of taking care of animals in need has never stopped. Now, at last, we are back online, and in the following weeks, we'll share some of our stories from this period, our joys and our tragedies, our hopes and our worries, and the stories of some of our new animal friends, as we've been trying to make the world a little better, with your help.

As always, we could never make it without your support. Inflation and economic uncertainty in Bulgaria has made supporting our rescues harder, and although we've been managing so far, we are stretched thin and every little bit of help is precious. If you can, please consider helping us provide our rescue babies with food and medical assistance.

Raiffeisen bank
IBAN : BG56RZBB91551011825561


Or using the website's donation menu.