Gregory, the beautiful sheep dog

August 24th, 2022

He weighs only 23 kilograms, but he should be over 40. Hunger, hunger reigns everywhere, people begrudge even a slice of bread, they tell me "I can barely feed myself, you want me to feed dogs?" So what is left to do, watch them starve to death? Because Gregory will not hurt anyone for food, he's already 6-7 months old and although he hasn't eaten in weeks, he wags his tail, bows his head in submission and resignation to his fate.

Resignation... he was thrown out today between Mezdra and Bodenetz, doesn't known to keep away from the passing cars, he runs after them... dogs that do that do not live long. He's a Karakachan shepherd dog, wonderful dogs, whose breeding is abused in Bulgaria. Greg's fur has fallen out almost entirely due to the massive flea infestation, there are bed sores on all exterior bones, protruding even more due to his emaciation.

Thankfully, his tests came back negative. I had an appointment for another dog at the Mezdra Veterinary Clinic, and decided to use the opportunity to arrange his neutering, vaccination and get him a passport and microchip. We owe 221 BGN. If anyone wants to help with his bill, we will appreciate it dearly. Now he needs quality food for his body to recover and gain some weight. Then I will look for a family for him. Maybe his human will see him here?

Raiffeisen bank
IBAN : BG56RZBB91551011825561

December 25th, 2022

Gregory, who weighed 23 kg when I found him!

Gregory, now - 40 kg! Healthy and saved!

A lovely sheepdog and a one of a kind sweet-hearted plushie ❤️❤️❤️

Looking for a home 🙏