Buddy - Past and Future

When I received the photos of Buddy, once again before Christmas, this time 2019, I cannot describe the feelings that welled up in me... anger, sadness, so much heartbreak... every year around Christmas I get at least one extraordinarily severe case of suffering and abused animals.

I went to the village where Buddy was locked, in an abandoned house, left to die of starvation. Volunteers who distributed food to elderly people had seen him and taken the photos I received.

In the clinic, we found out he has Dirofilariasis, and when the doctors saw how emaciated he was, and how even his muscles were almost gone, their verdict was that this dog cannot be saved, we had found him too late.

But... I never give up.

I bought high quality food for him to begin recovering his weight, mostly junior kibble, and after a month, we started therapy with Doxycycline and Advocate.

It was a hard and painful recovery, it took months for him to recover his weight, and he struggled to find the will to eat.

But we managed.

Later, he was briefly adopted in a village near Vratsa, where he lived with at least 10 cats, but his adopter returned him, because he's no good as a guard dog.

Apparently, despite what he went through, Buddy was friendly and happy to see every person that crossed his way, didn't bark at strangers and was wasting food in the eyes of his adopter, for being too good.

I took him back. According to the contract of my foundation, when things don't work, adopters are obligated to return the dog, they don't have the right to gift him or hand him over to other people.

And so, Buddy is still looking for a home.

He's exceptionally tolerant with everyone, the puppies chomp down the food from his bowl and he doesn't even look at them. He gets along with everyone, walks with a leash, is neutered, has a passport and all vaccines.

I hope this time I can find him a real family.

Please share and give Buddy a chance!