Jerry, Sweet Little Boy

March 17th, 2023

Curled up in the rotting leaves.

I was looking for a pregnant dog reported in the forest near Veslets, when I saw two eyes silently peering at me.

They suffer silently. They die without a moan. Invisible, innocent souls. I'm so angry at the indifference. I'm so angry at the soullessness that causes all this suffering.

The little dog has suffered for at least several days, as wound is infected and foul-smelling. He weighs only 2.5 kg and has multiple bite wounds on his body. Many female dogs are in heat right now, the little guy probably went into a yard with dogs and got attacked.

Nobody in the region will neuter their animals even if it's for free.

He hadn't stood a chance.

A broken paw in urgent need of surgery and implants - 860 BGN (430 EUR).

The operation is scheduled for Monday 20th, with Dr Nikolov from St Antim clinic.

An urgent operation today to save his life - his testicles were partially torn off. Two X-ray images, blood and biochemistry tests, teeth repair, extraction of four retained teeth, neutering, treating the bite wounds, in-patient care and medication - 283.50 BGN (142 EUR).

In-patient care until Monday, 50 BGN per day, 4D infection test - 40 BGN, post-op treatment - unknown cost.

He's still an adolescent, had retained baby teeth that were extracted while he was still sedated.

The doctors asked me what his name is. I said Jerry, because he reminds me of the little cartoon mouse ❤️

If anyone wants to help save Jerry, you can do it through the Foundation account, or in place at Gergiovtche clinic, Vratsa.

Or by taking this little gem home and giving him all the cuddles and love he deserves ❤️

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March 17th, 2023

Today I went to pick up Jerry from the clinic in order to continue the post-op recovery. He's now stable and I'll be performing the remaining treatments to help us manage with the hospital bills.

He needs to stay in a cage for about three weeks because of the implant, he's very stressed so I'm keeping him separate from the other dogs, together with Jinka, who has a sick kidney. The two of them will be keeping each other company.

The wounds that were treated in his first, emergency operation are still slightly inflamed, I'll treat them every day at least twice. The paw with the implant is healing.

A big thank you to Dr Nikolov, a real professional in orthopedic surgery.

Another big thank you to Drs Georgieva and Biserov from Gergiovtche clinic, Vratsa.

And one more to all the friends whose compassion for this little bug helped us save his life.

Thank you ❤️