April 4th, 2023

This is Goldie... what's left of a gorgeous golden retriever.

He's at least 10 years old and has a limp in his right paw. X-ray didn't find a fracture, only a serious swelling and four pellets from a hunting rifle. He was probably hit with something hard as well. No microchip.

The 4D test came back positive for anaplasmosis, the test for leishmaniasis was negative. We're waiting for the results from tests for T-hormones, full blood profile, biochemistry, and fungal culture.

The bad state he was in and his swollen belly led to an echography scan that showed a highly enlarged spleen. Advanced demodecosis, many decubital wounds (bedsores), parasites, fleas and ticks.

We started treatment for anaplasmosis (doxycycline), spleen malfuncion (hemovet), parasites (moxiclear) and demodicosis.

The boy has given up, he's been lying in his dog house without leaving, I put in some soft blankets and covers for his bedsores. He eats a little, but without appetite. I hope we can bring him back to life, in his spirit as well as his body.

My bill at the clinic is high and I can't leave him for inpatient care there, I bought some cans because his teeth are worn out, I also have some baby kibble so he can eat properly.

I don't know how much all the tests will cost, or the treatment, but it will take at least several months. Right now Goldie owes 285 BGN at the clinic (143 EUR).

If anyone wants to help, you can donate in the clinic Gergiovche Vratsa, or using the foundation's bank account.

How to help:

Raiffeisen bank
IBAN : BG56RZBB91551011825561


Or using the website's donation menu.

April 5th, 2023

T-hormone tests came back. Goldie is suffering from hypothyroidism alongside the demodicosis and the spleen problems.

His treatment will requires lifelong taking of hormone pills and a diet. The medication dosage will depend on his response to it. He's expected to start showing improvement a few months after starting treatment.