Azar - an old friend

Our shelter receives rescue dogs every week, but sometimes we want to share the story of some of older guests. This is the story of Azar, the old Karakachan sheepdog.

7th April, 2021 - post in social media

Manolovo village, Kalofer region. The dog is blind. He's been standing in the place since Saturday, it seems he has sensed that someone brings him food there. Unfortunately, I can't offer him anything else, other than to keep feeding him. If someone has an idea of how to help him, please share.

9th April, 2021 - signal picked up by the head of the foundation

Blind and next to a railway line... he has no chance of survival. We're full, but this is an emergency so I'll find a way to take him in.

11th April, 2021

Abandoned, because he's old. Why am I not surprised?

It's almost a tradition in Bulgaria to abandon old dogs and "upgrade" them with younger ones. Like it's a TV or a phone.

This is the fate of many dogs who served loyally as guard dogs, against a piece of moldy bread in most cases...

I called him Azar, he's a Karakachan, the sweetest old boy. He waves his tail joyfully at everyone, he really is blind and both his eyes are white, one has a deformed lens. He doesn't have a lot of teeth, thankfully his 4D test was negative, but he has a very serious anemia. I'll be giving him vitamin injections to strengthen him for at least 25 days. He weights only 19 kg, when he should be at least 40-45.

I promise you'll never be hungry again, old-timer... we'll get you to your kilograms.

Today in the clinic we owe for the 4D, biochemistry and blood tests, spots for external parasites and vitamins, 155 BGN.


In April 2021, Azar was abandoned next to a railway line.

His conviction was "useless."

Completely blind, old, unneeded.

He weighed only 19 kg, starving and scrawny.

We've been taking care of him for two years now.

He's part of the group of retired working dogs, abandoned because they can no longer work.

Cheers from a wonderful Karakachan dog, as big as he's loving!

If you can, please help us take care of Azar and other dogs like him by donating any amount to the foundation.

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