Naomi, Red, Sonic - Looking for a Home

The beginning of their story was on the 9th of October, when I scoured through the entire town to collect the newborn babies that were given away to random people by the people who claimed to have saved them. Three of the babies were left in an abandoned building with a bowl of milk... That's right... newborns... with a bowl...

They were five innocent souls, unfortunately they didn't want to eat from a bottle. One of the boys died early, then Hulk, the strongest puppy, died from parvovirosis. It was just Naomi, Red and Sonic left. None of them got sick, even though they were together with Hulk, it seems their bodies had managed to build immunity from the vaccine, but alas, not him...

Raising them was really hard, these kids really didn't want to eat, they also had demodicosis and a fungal skin infection - the full program. But today, they are wonderful, healthy puppies. And I hope to find them all families.

I call Naomi "little monkey", and she knows this is her second name, because when they had demodicosis, she got it the worst. She had no fur on her face at all and really looked like a baby monkey.

Sonic's other name is Lightning, because of the white spot on his neck, and Red I also call Cherven (red in Bulgarian), because of his lovely red coat.

My favorite video of them: