Alice - before and now

August 14th - Alice

"Nobody wants me
Nobody sees me
And soon I'll be dead
And no one will miss me
Because I'm just a black stray puppy
With a torn up coat"

Dozens of babies will die today, and only a handful of people really care.

I couldn't leave her out in the rain. Ticks have sucked out so much of her blood, she's covered in them like an armor. Why did I take her in, when I already have so many dogs and the battle for food and medicine is so hard?

But I know I can save her. I know we can do it together, too. Please help me to continue.

Alice has anemia, the parvovirosis test came back negative, but she's in danger of illness in her state. I started vitamin C and food additives immediately, I have to find her good quality food, I de-wormed and de-flead her and took out an unbelievable number of ticks. She's so frail, only 2.5 kg, all the bones are sticking out under her torn up little coat...

October 21st

Alice from Wonderland! Saved, because we could! Alive, beautiful and healthy. Two months ago I took in from village Pudria a small, tattered ball of life, she was so sick and wretched I didn't know whether she would make it... We went through several stages of treatment, she couldn't keep food down, had demodicosis, had to take costly supplements and antibiotics but she made it through. Alice survived! Look how beautiful she is now!

At 5 months she's only 5 kg, a shorty with shaggy, straight ears, a fox's muzzle and good hygiene, because she lives with Max and always goes out for a walk with him. I hope to find her a warm home, because she's been through enough. She deserves a family.

Please share the story of ALICE. Even though she's black... or maybe exactly for this reason.