He is only 23 kg, but should be over 40 kg.

Hunger, hunger is everywhere, people don’t  wish to share even a slice of bread, they tell me "I don’t even have for me, and you want me to feed dogs?" ... Then what? Let's watch them die of starvation?

Gregory will not attack for food, he is only 6-7 months old and even though he hasn't eaten in weeks, he wags his tail, bows his head in submission as he awaits his fate. Resigned...

He was thrown between Mezdra and Bodenets, he doesn't look out for the passing cars, he runs after them, when dogs do that they don't survive long.

He is a Karakachanka mix, wonderful dogs, the breeding of which is abused in Bulgaria.

Gregory has almost completely lost fur, due to severe infestation with fleas, decubitus wounds on all protruding bones, exposed from hunger.

Now he just needs quality food to catch up with the weight. Then I will look for a family for him, if he is lucky, his person will see him.