She grew up here, a sweet giantess, she will probably never have a home because we found out she has hip dysplasia.Nora is a wonderful, calm girl, gets along with everyone, obedient since she was a baby, never did a single mischief...

I rescued Nora from the gypsy settlement in Vratsa, she was castrated according to a municipal program, at the age of 3 months, a baby, she still had her baby teeth... the castration was festering, the threads were torn.

I took her to the clinic and in just a week she recovered, we also gave 3 vaccines according to the schedule and now I am looking for a home for this beautiful giant girl. At 6 months, she is 20 kg. And she will grow even more.

If you like large breeds, she is your dog. She has a very gentle character, extremely obedient, friendly, plays with everyone, accepts everyone, a huge baby with a plush disposition.