Regina, tied and thrown away

25th November, 2022

Glavatzi village, thrown away in an alley with paws tied down, dying, no longer useful... this is how the lives of many Bulgarian sheep dogs end. Regina had given up, curled up in a dirty corner, after someone had untied her paws, she had crawled away to die alone... While she was tied down, someone had dragged her around by her tail for fun...

Her situation right now is critical, under supervision and treatment, the wound on her neck is terrible, caused by the nylon rope she had been tied with. It caused a swelling in the head, asphyxiation, this could have been going on for months. The rope had been cutting through her flesh, the wound is more than a centimeter deep and isn't bleeding so much as rotting. I won't post close up images of the wound here, because they're extremely graphic.

She had been struck on the head and has a serious swelling on the left side that has closed one ear, we did an echography scan because of blood in her urine, she also has cystitis. Regina is in a severe condition. This is brutal cruelty. I will take care of her, but I know that many like her will die today, because no one will see them. They are expendable, simple work dogs, bred in large numbers without control, the small females are thrown away in the forest to be eaten by wild animals. Last winter I saved six babies from the same breed from the mountain.

Regina was lucky that someone saw her and had mercy on her. Right now she is just lying down and not moving, she still doesn't know she will live. We'll treat the body, but I don't know if we can heal her soul.

On my way out of the village I saw four emaciated puppies. I couldn't just pass them by. I bought them off for one chocolate bar, that's what I had on me.

Anyone who wishes to help me with this work can help through the account of the foundation. Thank you so much in advance for helping give these gentle souls a kinder future.

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