Scooby and Summer

When in February I received a call from the municipality of Mezdra that there were 3 discarded babies on the outskirts of the village of Tsarevets, I told them to take care of them... They took them to the shelter in the village of Kalen, where there are no conditions for babies, especially February... On the second day, one died of Parvovirosis, when I found out, I immediately placed the other 2 babies in a clinic in Vratsa, where they were treated for 21 days. They survived... Scooby-doo and his little sister Summer survived, but had severe rachitis.
      I've been treating them since March, Summer is already much better, but Scooby or Rachitcho, as we call him, still has crooked legs and continues treatment. They already have 2 shots each and I hope Scooby is well soon and I can find them a warm home. He is the most loving, even annoying baby, she is a bit shy, but that is because they live together with many other babies, the asylum does not tolerate everyone well, unfortunately they cannot be separated. They are already 5 months old and extremely charming, anyone who wants can meet them live. Please share and give them a chance…

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