Zeus, hit by a car

29th November, 2022

Zeus would not have made it through that day.

He was run over last night, the man who messaged me about him had pulled him out from the road into the ditch.

Severe hypothermia and traumatic shock, still not responding.


We reanimated him for three hours today in Gergiovche clinic, Vratsa. He is stable, for now. I'm writing this as I'm waiting for the IV drop to finish.

He has a terrible two-sided pelvis fracture and a broken thigh bone. We immediately sent the X-rays to dr Nikolov from St Antim clinic, the operation will be on Saturday, 3rd of December, at 08:30.

It will cost 2000 BGN, dr Nikolov will come to Vratsa and will perform the surgery in Gergiovche clinic. In reality, this will be three surgeries in one, including the pelvic implants.

There will be expenses for post-operative therapy, biochemistry, X-rays. Zeus has ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis and will be on antibiotics from tomorrow.

Inpatient care for an immobilized dog is at least 50 BGN per day... I will take care of Zeus considering the long recovery time of at least 30 days. I will not be gathering donations for a hospital stay.

But I ask, please help me gather the funds for the surgery, the rest can wait.

We can give Zeus a chance.

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